History of the Paris Commune


Ephemera from the collection in the Bibliotheque nationale de france, translated from the French by Mitchell Abidor.


The Republic is Proclaimed, September 4, 1870
The Fatherland is in Danger!, September 6, 1870
Make Way for the People! Make Way for the Commune!, September 1870
To the Democratic Socialists, September 1870
Republican Central Committee of Paris, September 20 1870
The State … is Abolished, September 25 1870
To the Citizens of the 193rd Batallion of the National Guard, 9 October 1870
Circular of the International Workingmens Association, 1870
To the Social Democracy of the German Nation, 1870
Address of the Positivist Society of Paris, November 1870


The Government of National Defense Surrenders, January 28 1871
Declaration of the Montmartre Club, 1871
The National Guard Opposes Prussian Entry Into Paris, February 28 1871
To the Army, March 10 1871
To the National Guardsmen of Paris, March 19 1871
To the People, March 19 1871
International Workingmen’s Association. Federal Council of Parisian Sections, March 23 1871
Delegations from the Provinces, March 23 1871
Your Commune Has Been Constituted, March 29 1871
Decree on the Separation of Church and State, April 3 1871
Letter from Garibaldi, L’Affranchi, April 5 1871
Declaration on Reprisals, April 5 1871
Against the Mania for Braids, April 7 1871
Manifesto of the Freemasons, April 8 1871
Atrocities on Top of Atrocities, L’Affranchi, April 9 1871
Manifesto of the Paris Commune, April 19 1871
Manifesto of the Paris Commune’s Federation of Artists, 1871
Masonic Lodge “The Union of Belleville”, April 28 1871
Burn Down the Tuileries, Père Duchêne, April 30, 1871
General Appeal to all Jewellery Workers, May 7 1871
To France’s Great Cities, May 15 1871
Appeal to Workingwomen, May 17 1871
Romande Federation of the First International to the Paris Commune, May 17 1871
Keep an Eye on the Sewers, Père Duchêne, May 17 1871
Debate in the Commune on the Hostages, Journal Officiel, May 17 1871
The Central Committee of the Republican Federation of the National Guard, May 23 1871
Le Salut Public, May 23, 1871
The Pantheon’s About to Blow Up!, May 1871
To The Citizens Of The XXth Arrondisement, May 25, 1871


The Revolutionary Federation of Communes, 1871
The Barricades Commission, 1871
To all the Defenders of the Revolution, 1871
The Fusion of the Democratic and Socialist Republican Committees, 1871
Socialist and Republican Fusion Candidates Definitively Adopted, 1871
Revolutionary Socialist Candidates, 1871


Adolphe Thiers to Prefects and all Civil, Judicial, and Military Authorities, May 23 1871
The Death of Delescluze, By Maxime Du Camp 1879

History of the Paris Commune