Cuba supports fight against racism, discrimination and xenophobia


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On Wednesday, September 28, Cuba ratified its willingness to support the international struggle against racism, discrimination, xenophobia and all related forms of intolerance, during the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Speaking before the forum in Geneva, the island’s permanent representative, Anayansi Rodrí­guez, recalled that despite having adopted the Durban Action Plan relating to the issue, racist and xenophobic practices still exist, which affect people across the planet, reported Prensa Latina.

“We are witnessing with concern how political parties and associations with an anti-immigrant, xenophobic and racist character are growing in developed countries,” she noted.

Millions of migrants are abused, discriminated against and marginalized every day in developed societies, while minorities such as the Romany and Travelers continue to receive humiliating treatment, added Rodrí­guez.

The island’s permanent representative also described the multiple cases in which the police have used lethal force against minorities and people of African descent as alarming.

Given this situation, Cuba has offered, and continues to offer, its solidary support to help ensure that the basic human rights of excluded sectors in various countries are respected, she noted.

Likewise, the Cuban official highlighted the importance of international cooperation toward achieving such aims as “the majority of victims and persons exposed to these practices belong to historically marginalized groups, including people of African descent, indigenous communities, women, migrants and ethnic minorities.”

The 33rd regular session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva is taking place September 13-30.

Cuba supports fight against racism, discrimination and xenophobia