The uncertain destiny of the human species


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Enormous ignorance surrounds not only this experience, but innumerable types of experiences. Even the fingerprints of identical twins, born from the same ovule, become different over the years. For good reason, the United States, the most powerful imperialist country that has ever existed, deludes itself when it claims as doctrine a paragraph from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

None of this can be ignored. There are many more qualities in religious principles than there are in those which are purely political, despite the fact that these refer to material ideas and the physics of life. Likewise, many of the most inspired works of art were born of the hands of religious persons, a phenomenon of universal character.

Men of science today occupy a prestigious position in centers of investigation, laboratories; in the production of medicines to support human health; in overcoming distances; concentrating energy; perfecting research equipment that can operate on land and in space. Someone must be able to explain how a star – whose light took 12 billion light years to arrive – can be seen from an observatory 5,000 meters above sea level. An incredible gold medal! How can this be explained when references are made to the fusion of stars that according to eminent scientists gave rise to the Big Bang theory.

And what would be left afterwards? No one could, however, deny the statements of eminent scientists who, after decades of rigorous study, reached the conclusion that such phenomenon are absolutely possible. Another fact of notable importance is that the possibility of these phenomena is absolutely real.

At this point, religions acquire a special value. In the most recent thousands of years, perhaps the last eight or ten thousand, the existence has been shown of beliefs that are well developed, with details of interest. Beyond these limits, what is known has the feel of ancient traditions that different groups of humans have been creating. I know a fair amount about Christ, given what I have read, and what they taught me in schools run by Jesuits and by the La Salle brothers, from whom I heard many stories about Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood; and the manna that feel from heaven when food was scarce because of drought or other reasons. I will try to convey a few more ideas about this singular problem, at another time

Let us not forget that this Sunday, there will be a candidates’ debate. The first one, two weeks ago, produced a lot of commotion. Mr. Trump, who considers himself a trained expert, was discredited, both him and Barack’s policy. Now, they’ll have to be given a medal of clay.


Fidel Castro Ruz

October 8, 2016

10:26 pm


The uncertain destiny of the human species