The Accumulation of Capital- An Anti-Critique

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The Accumulation of Capital, or What the Epigones Have Made of Marx’s Theory

by Rosa Luxemburg

First Published: 1921 – Die Akkumulation des Kapitals oder Was die Epigonen aus der Marxschen Theorie gemacht haben. Eine Antikritik (Franke, Leipzig 1921).
Originally written:1915 while interned in the women’s prison, Barnimstrasse, Berlin.
Source: Rosa Luxemburg and Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital. Edited with an Introduction by Kenneth J. Tarbuck. (Allen Lane The Penguin Press, London 1972), pp.45-150.
Translated: (from the German) by Rudolf Wichmann.
Transcription/Markup: Steve Palmer.
Copyright: Kenneth J. Tarbuck and Rudolf Wichmann 1972.
Notes: Notes by the editor and translator appear [thus]. MIA notes appear {thus}.

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Chapter 1: The Questions At Issue
Chapter 2: The Critics
Chapter 3: Bauer’s General Criticisms
Chapter 4: The ‘New’ Population Theory of Otto Bauer
Chapter 5: Bauer’s ‘Practical’ Conclusions
Chapter 6: Imperialism