Rosa Luxemburg

May 10, 2019
Revolution, people protest against government, man fighting for rights, silhouettes of hands up in the sky, threat of war

What Are the Origins of May Day?

            The happy idea of using a proletarian holiday celebration as a means to attain the eight-hour […]
February 20, 2019

e-Books Collection

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January 16, 2019

රෝසා ලක්ෂම්බර්ග් මරා දමා අදට සියවසක් සපුරයි.

Rosa Luxemburg German: [ˈʁoːza ˈlʊksəmbʊʁk] Rozalia Luxenburg 1870 මාර්තු 5 දින පෝලන්තයේ උපත ලැබූ ‌රෝසා ලක්සම්බර්ග්, දේශපාලනය ආරම්භ […]
February 18, 2017
1976_The National Question_Selected Writings_Rosa Luxemburg

The National Question

Selected Writings Rosa Luxemburg 1976
February 18, 2017
1970_Reform or Revolution_Rosa Luxemburg_1899

Reform or Revolution

Rosa Luxemburg 1970